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How ayurveda heals and rejuvenates our lives?

How ayurveda heals and rejuvenates our lives?

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an age-old treatment method with natural herbs that has the potential not only to heal the incurable diseases as declared by normal medical science but also makes the person to live a normal and happy life. Ayurveda not only targets to treat the most complex illnesses from the root but also helps in balancing body, soul and mind. With the wholesome effect on a person's health, Ayurvedic principles makes the person shift from an unhealthy and irregular  lifestyle to a rejuvenating and disciplined one and helps  balance with the external world. According to ayurvedic context, it is the combination of doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha in equal proportions that makes the person healthy.

Any imbalance or unequal proportions of doshas will lead to the development of disease or ailment in the body. There are several instances that can actually explain the impact of doshas in disproportionate forms that lead to rise in different problems on a long term basis. Both men and women experience hairfall or alopecia, infertility and joint pain usually suffer from rise in vata dosha. Rise in blood sugar level has been linked with the differing proportion of Vata and Pitta doshas in the body. Development of any chronic disease has related to excess consumption of processed foods, red meat, white bread, refined sugar and carbohydrates and also tobacco and alcohol consumption. Accompanied by sedentary lifestyle, all these food items accumulate in different areas of the body as toxins and give rise to chronic problems.

Understanding the common healing properties of natural herbs

There are certain herbs that come to use in our daily life that act as nutritious and help in removing toxins from the body. Such common herbs are cinnamon(dalchini), fenugreek(methi) , turmeric ( haldi), garlic, clove ( laung), giloy and even holy basil {Tulsi), etc. Even the seeds of fruits and vegetables are also used for the treatment which may be mango pulp or bitter gourd’s seed. These herbs are used in the making of ayurvedic supplements for various causes and serve following healing effects:

  • Eliminating the problem from the root.
  • Purifying the blood and improving blood circulation.
  • Keeping the digestive tract healthy.
  • Growth of hormones in the body that reduce infertility and blood sugar level.
  • Healing the body cells and nerves.
  • Enhancing the memory.
  • Causing no side effect.

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